HOW TO Find The Right Graphic DesigneR

Graphic design is a very essential skill to your company’s branding and public image. With the right designer working for you, your company’s logo, website, packaging, fliers, and more can really show a sense of professionalism that appeals to your customers and helps to improve your business.


It’s hard to deny the value of good graphic designs, but how can you find a good designer to work with when there are so many graphic designers on the market today? Here are a few things to help you make sure you’re getting the best services you can.


Designer portfolio:

What does the designer’s previous work look like? Any reputable graphic designer should have samples of previous projects that they can show you. Make sure these portfolios tell you what the previous client needed so that you can compare how well the designer met their needs. For example, if the designer was working for a retirement home to make a brochure, did they use any smaller, hard to read fonts? Mistakes like these can make you work less friendly to your customers, so you need to know ahead of time if you can count on the designer matching up the project to your actual business.


Education and background:

Although it’s possible to learn skills like graphic design on your own, there is a lot of benefit in hiring someone with an educational background in the subject. Someone who has been formally trained in graphic design will have a more complete knowledge of how to approach various projects and may be able to respond better to your requirements and feedback.


Teams vs. individuals:

Consider if it makes more sense for you to hire a solo graphic designer or a graphic design team. Teams can work together to complete your projects with greater efficiency and possibly more creativity. Individual designers may have a great portfolio and reputation, but how quickly can they get your project back to you and how much are they willing to do to satisfy your business needs? Working with a team gives you a greater chance of ending up with high quality work in the right time period because there are multiple people who can assist each other in finishing the project with excellence.



Does your designer do anything besides graphic design? This can be a real asset to your company. Working with a graphic designer who knows how to translate their projects into real and relevant usage takes some of the pressure off of you. Designers who understand marketing, social media, printing, and otherwise are more likely to give you better results than designers who only know how to do graphic design work.


Finding a good graphic designer to work with shouldn’t be a complicated decision. Look at the above mentioned points and decide what’s most important to you. If you want to choose the best designer possible, you should probably be looking for a team of graphic designers with an educational


HOW TO Find The Right Graphic DesigneR